PlayStation's DualSense Controller Is a Return to Innovation

Sony gave the first look at the upcoming PlayStation’s controller. Called the DualSense, it’s a significant departure in terms of form from the DualShock design, which was kept relatively unchanged from the original PlayStation through the PlayStation 4. With significant upgrades, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, the DualSense looks to be Sony’s best controller yet and marks a return to the PlayStation’s spirit of innovation after a series of underwhelming revisions.

Papo and Yo Meaning: How it Taught Me to Grow

Five years ago indie studio Minority Media released Papo & Yo on the PlayStation Store. The 3D puzzle-platformer features contrasting settings of a fantasy world where monsters exist and the broken down favelas of Brazil. As the player continues solving block puzzles and attempting to keep their friendly beast of a partner away from the frogs that enrage him, they start to learn that this isn’t a story of fantasy, but of a young boy trying to find an escape from an alcoholic and abusive father.

LiS: Before the Storm Story Struggles Due to Unneeded Drama

Not enough games take the time to embrace the smaller moments. I really hope that changes in the future, as games continue to mature as a medium. That’s not to say that grand life-or-death moments don’t have their place in gaming, as I adore plenty of stories that do them well. It’s just that these types of risk-filled tales don’t have to be forced into every story, especially when the strengths clearly lie elsewhere.